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Working groups



Colorful School


In this workshop we will decorate the school building and the playground in an artistic way. The themes of the decorations will be seasonal or complementary to the teaching, making use of the most different types of paper and natural materials.


Location: Room 107


Responsible: Mrs. Fatima Marques de Sousa



Colourful sensory world


Together we will explore and discover the incredible secrets of our body through our five senses (seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting). Playing and dancing, relaxing and dreaming, we will sharpen our senses and have fun.


Place: Room 110


Responsible: Mrs. Melissa Bostanci



Painting and drawing workshop


In this workshop children have the opportunity, in a calm and relaxing atmosphere, to give free rein to their graphic and artistic creativity and to experiment with their possibilities. The educator will be giving suggestions and tips, through words and actions, so that the children can better achieve their purposes.


Location: Room 301


Responsible: Mrs. Janine Peters



Games and sports workshop


In this workshop we will offer a variety of physical movements and experiences, with the aim of maintaining and promoting enjoyment in physical activity, compensating for movement deficits, developing psychomotor skills and training physical conditioning.


Venue: Sports Gymnasium


Responsible: Mrs Paulina Canto Lama



Insect Club


In this workshop we will explore together the world of insects, with their variety, way of life and importance to the environment. We will observe, read, research, experiment, draw and DIY around our favourite insects.


Venue: Room 303


Responsible: Mrs Caroline Viehweger



Natural sciences workshop


In this workshop we want to explore the everyday world around us and look for answers to exciting questions. We want to experience for ourselves and personally produce things, which have always interested us or which we have never fully understood.


Venue: Room 311


Responsible person: Mr. Markus Schiffer



Riddle workshop


In this workshop we will solve riddles, puzzles and riddles, individually or in groups, and make up little riddles. We will spend hours together, solving quiz and knowledge games in general. At the end, we will embark on a treasure hunt, to strengthen our sense of group.


Venue: Room 207


Person in charge: Mrs. Franziska Werner



Environmental workshop


In this workshop we want to deal with current issues such as climate change, waste, water, energy, animals and plants in a theoretical and practical way. We will commit ourselves to environmental protection and learn how to do it. We will address environmental issues, based on our interests and previous knowledge.


Venue: Room 202


Mrs Steffi Mrotzek and Mrs Emelie Rothe



Fights and physical confrontations workshop


In this workshop children will learn to measure strength and compete fairly, resolving disputes responsibly and aware of their own participation as well as that of their opponent. Here, the playful and regulating aspects of the physical confrontation will be in the foreground. The fights in this workshop will be an opportunity for learning, both motor patterns as well as attitudes and behavioural values.


Location: Sports Gymnasium


Responsible: Mr. Eudes Costa Junior



Workshop of the colourful mess


In this workshop there are no limits to imagination. Here children's ideas and interests are consulted. Cooking, baking, crafts, artistic activities, playing ..... everything is possible. The workshop, first of all, should be fun and rich in variety. The children should bring good humour and many innovative ideas.


Venue: Room 103


Person in charge: Mrs. Jessica Reupsch



Group games with movement


In this workshop we will perform various group games with movement, such as cooperation games, competitions and team games. The children can contribute their own ideas and wishes and, if they are interested, they can also take control of the games.


Venue: Sports Gymnasium


Responsible: Mrs. Natalie Rost





Together we will explore the flora, fauna and the amazing secrets of our schoolyard. Through little experiments, we can discover why chemistry and physics are such an important part of our world.


Location: Room 205


Responsible: Mrs. Katja Müller


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